We went along to the Big Chill Kings Cross to scoop legendary Drum and Bass emcees The Ragga Twins aka Deman Rockers and Flinty Badman – and we learnt one thing – never work with children, animals or twins! Keep it Mellow 9

The Ragga Twins
Set in Dalston, Land Of Kings pays tribute to one of the nerve centres of the London dance scene. Beneath the streets lie relics from the great soundsystem era, when reputations were made and shattered on a weekly basis.

Organising parties at venues throughout the area, Land Of Kings is set to spread itself across the Easter weekend. Clash couldn’t resist the opportunity to get involved, and has organised an event with a Jungle flavour.

Erupting out of East London at the dawn of the 90s, Jungle was arguably the country’s first homegrown electronic music scene. Merging fast, abrasive breakbeats with rap and hefty dollop of reggae Dread the sound quickly spread across the country.

Yet it never lost its sense of locality. Jungle was an inherently East London genre, bursting forth from just a few soundsystem crews operating in clubs within spitting distance (literally) of one another.

Clash revisits the heyday of the scene with a special feature in our new issue. We caught up with the former owners of the Four Aces club, where generations of bass warriors cut their teeth.

Alongside this, we interviewed two of the most seminal crews involved with the birth of Jungle. The Ragga Twins and Shut Up & Dance gave us a flavour of the scene, before agreeing to come down to Land Of Kings and strut their stuff.

Due to take place at a secret venue, the Clash party will re-visit the sounds of Jungle from a 2011 perspective. Never ones to look back, both The Ragga Twins and Shut Up & Dance have agreed to play very special sets.

We’ll be running features across the site in the run up to Land Of Kings – watch out for exclusive interviews, downloads, competitions and more.

Clash hits Land Of Kings in Dalston on April 29th.


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